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Turquoise blue water kissing white sandy beaches where coconut trees giving you shade to lay down at the edge of beach, may be your dream holiday. Here we have listed the top ten best beaches in the world according to natural beauty & popularity, it’s true we can’t honestly put them in to just a list of ten may be we have missed many more lovely beaches, if we have don’t forget leave a comment about them.

Harvesting solar energy just by applying a paint coat on a conductive surface? This may be the answer to the high cost energy bills, I think at least a step towards right direction. A group of researchers at the University of Notre Dame have developed a so-called “solar paint” by using semiconducting nanoparticles to harvest energy.

This new material is based on nano-sized particles of titanium dioxide which use cadmium sulfide or cadmium selenide as a coating. Then these particles combined with water-alcohol mixture which makes the paste for the paint.

Cancer Vaccine is a good news for humankind & Stellar Biotechnologies a California based company leading the way to achieve that goal in near future. Researchers use the blood of keyhole limpet’s (Megathura crenulata) to extract Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) which is the main ingredient of the new cancer vaccine.

Amphibian Boat with Retractable Tank Treads

At $290,000 a unit these amphibian boats give practical performance & class over their predecessors. With retractable tank treads & splendid shiny design not compromised at up to 40 Knots on the water and 5 Mph on land. As name given Iguana 29, a 29-foot beast is a product of Iguana Yachts.

A research team at University of Washington has developed a electronic contact lens which can display a one pixel as it wearing. These contact lenses are powered wirelessly at very close proximity to eyes. The research team lead by Professor Babak Parviz, have successfully tested the electronic contact lenses on live rabbits without any harm to animal’s eyes.

Electronic Contact Lenses